Big Trouble Pizza is a pizza shop operating out of two prominent neighborhoods in Toronto: Chinatown and The Annex. I was brought on as a Marketing Director and Photographer. In a year, I have refined the brand voice, identity, art direction and strengthened a community through storytelling and content strategy. I helped obtain partnerships with The Annex Hotel, Reigning Champ, Ciele Athletics and a running club with Nike called Food Runners.

Partnering with artists such as KWEST, WYSPER , RCADE, RISK, JARUS, Pierre Quinn and Hugh Langis from murals to custom hand-drawn and spray painted boxes; Big Trouble Pizza has become more than just a pizza shop, creating over 100 limited merchandise for events, some of which were featured on NBA TV.

I lead the campaign and activation #BESTPIZZAPARTYEVER where 500 pizzas were pushed in 7 hours for over 500 people. It was a huge success and a launch to claim their unique textures and flavour profiles as Toronto Style Pizza.