Cantonese slang / shorthand writing inspired by price tags you would see in a wet market in Hong Kong. I created these Octopus card holders with puns referring to the "doot" noise it makes when being used and other twists on Cantonese sayings. The sticky notes were a premium / giveaway product inspired by the same concept and had prices written on each of them.


I redesigned and re-coloured the classic G.O.D. pattern inspired by the old mailboxes you would see around Hong Kong, especially in "tong laus" - old, low-rise walk-up buildings. To keep on brand, I threw in a bit of fun by writing the name of a famous actress and comedian in Hong Kong on one of the mailboxes.


I worked on this with a team of 2 other designers from the beginning stages of planning, research, design, development to the final execution. This was an ad placed on a billboard and the window display of the Stanley store.

We took inspiration from window frames you often see in "tong laus" and poked fun at the idea of nosy neighbours. Everyone can relate to how satisfying this experience can be because of what you might see/choose to perceive. After taking reference photos of ourselves performing these actions, we went into the process of creating each character. With each character created we were then able to determine what the interior of their apartments would look like.

At first, we researched aesthetics from the 70's and explored the idea of using wallpapers on each wall. After developing our designs further, we decided that it was best for the silhouettes to be on a plain background to keep focus on these exaggerated and comical gestures. Ranging from someone shaving their armpit, blowdrying their hair, gossiping on the phone to someone casually dodging flying daggers, though ridiculous, it seems nothing out of the ordinary at the same time, evoking a sense of charm that makes you feel welcome. Just come in!